Transparency at Every Level

Processing cannabis requires a transparent system to track converted material back to the source not only for compliance, but also for quality assurance and testing purposes. With our manufacturing and processing module, the ability to trace your end product to the exact yield has never been simpler. In your operations, this means accountability every step of the way.

The capabilities of the manufacturing and processing module extend far beyond just tracing the movement of raw materials to finished goods. Our module is integrated with functions that monitor inventory levels, create customized labeling, gather vendor information for vendor profiles and supports automated data entry. A product notes feature even allows edible manufacturers to store recipes, conversion rations, and packaging requirements to ensure consistent quality and supply.

By supporting state-specific product labels, assigning QA test results, and recording potency, BioTrack virtually automates compliance by saving time, increasing transparency, and most importantly – protecting your license. 

Key Features

Vendor Profiles

Manage vendor information including address, license information, notes, documentation, and more

Efficient Workflows

Create invoices, purchase orders, and delivery manifests

Comprehensive Labeling Tool

Customizable labeling tool based on variables, images, test results, and more

Performance Insights

Track top vendors and top selling wholesale products

Inventory Auditing

Perform audits on your entire inventory to reconcile numbers to the exact milligram

Conversion Tracking

Convert products into single or multiple by-products, while maintaining a complete chain of custody. Log cost per gram calculations, product notifications, and recalls

Automated Data Entry

Eliminate data entry and human error with integrated hardware that populates metrics right on your screen. Weigh directly into the computer, scan patient IDs and populate customer profiles with a single action

Automatically Collect and Report On:

Conversion Tracking
Convert products into single or multiple by-products, while maintaining a complete chain of custody, logging cost per gram calculations and product notifications and recalls.
Easily wholesale various product types and log compliant transactions, invoices and purchase orders.
Transportation Manifest
Create, submit, and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver, and cargo contained for regulatory review.
Transactional Reports
Easily generate invoices and purchase orders for record keeping and safe, compliant business practices.
Inventory Audit
Perform audits on your entire inventory to reconcile numbers down to the exact milligram.
"With BiotrackTHC it is comforting knowing that you have a support system behind the program. Biotrack has been there since the beginning of our operation and has provided great customer support as our business has continued to grow and evolve in all aspects including training, pointers on compliance, and answering any questions that may come up in a quick and professional manner. I can say that on top of the traceability platform there is a lot more that comes with the BiotrackTHC system, and a big part of that is their commitment to the customer experience."
Nancy Drinkard, Inventory Sales Manager, Grow Op Farms and Phat Panda