Simplify compliance while optimizing business performance


Our Point-of-Sale system simplifies cannabis compliance and provides software tools to facilitate business intelligence, transparency, and accountability.


Built from the ground up specifically for the legal cannabis industry, BioTrack’s provides you peace of mind through:

  • SOC 1 and 2 Compliance
  • Government State System Integration: METRC, Leaf Data Systems and BioTrack Government Traceability Systems
  • Industry-leading Security Standards
  • High quality data generation for detailed reports


Key Features


Easy to use interface

Intuitive, fast, and simple POS navigation for both medical and recreational customers

Cumulative Price Points

Split eights, quarters, halves, or ounces at the point of sale

Customer Profiles

Create individual customer profiles and treat all customers like regulars. Track special preferences, medical conditions, membership tiers, purchase history, reward points, and more

Discounts & Loyalty Programs

Set up discounts based on date, time, product, brand, and more. Reward the loyal customers with our exclusive loyalty points program

Automated Data Entry

Eliminate human data entry error with integrated hardware that populates metrics right on your screen

Efficient Workflows

Time saving features for dispensaries including weigh heavy tool for scale integration, backwards math at the POS, delivery and pickup workflows, and delivery manifest creation

Powerful Integrations

Through our dedicated integration partners, we’re able to offer an array of in-store technology that is directly integrated with your cannabis POS inventory

Features for an Enhanced Experience:

Data-Driven CRM
Create targeted campaigns based on customer’s favorite products, last visit date, purchase history, birthdays and more.
Discounts & Loyalty Programs
Provide incentives for new customers or rewards for returning ones through time-sensitive, product or brand discounts. Improve customer satisfaction through exclusive loyalty programs.
Automated Data Entry
Eliminate data entry and human error with integrated hardware that populates metrics right on your screen; giving you the ability to weigh directly into the computer, scan patient ID’s and populate customer profiles.
Customer Profiles
Create individual customer profiles to help treat all of your customers like regulars. Keep track of special preferences, medical preferences, purchase history, reward points and more.
Purchase Limits
Avoid the stress of over dispensing to a patient or customer through system tracking based on type and equivalency.

The Benefits of BioTrack Dispensary POS

Ensuring transparency in the sales and inventory process while maintaining ease of use is crucial to having an efficient point of sale system in your dispensary. BioTrack Dispensary POS will help your business prevent over dispensing and collect accurate records for compliance needs.

Through collaborative development from our engineering and government affairs teams, our dispensary POS system navigates the complex nature of the cannabis industry and streamlines compliance through an intuitive, easy-to-use system.

A History of Transparency in the Cannabis Industry

A Dispensary Point-of Sale (POS) system is software enabling a licensed cannabis dispensary to make and track sales transactions in accordance with legal regulations. BioTrack’s Dispensary POS system goes above and beyond to not only make and track sales, but to also track product inventory, run in-depth sales analysis, and report out the appropriate data to reporting systems at local, state or federal levels. 

The evolution of BioTrack’s Dispensary POS system dates back to 2010 with the goal of creating the best dispensary POS and medical marijana dispensary software in the market. We’ve worked alongside dispensary owners and operators to create not only one of the most effective cannabis and hemp POS systems but also a robust dispensary management system software that is compatible with the mandated reporting system in every legal jurisdiction

Choosing the right dispensary POS system to utilize in your cannabis business is essential to maintaining your license and meeting required legal mandates and regulations. Our experience in the industry paired with dynamic software – that meets the ever-changing legal landscape – provides you with an all-encompassing POS software solution.

"The result of our implementation of BioTrackTHC is a robust system that provides me the answers to my questions about inventory and sales. I can’t thank the BioTrackTHC team enough for helping us not only in our most critical times, but also for the all the post-implementation and ongoing support. In short, I can not imagine our operations without BioTrackTHC. I recommend any company looking to work with professionals in the industry to contact BiotrackTHC."
Reef Dispensaries, Nevada