Cultivation Management for Your Crops

Managing your day-to-day operations has never been easier than with our Cultivation Solution. By simplifying your cultivation management through streamlined workflows and key data points you can collect valuable insight on your crops, allowing you to maximize yields and sales profits.

Our Cultivation Solution software provides an in-depth look at your crops through custom workflows, multiple data collection points and custom reporting.

Easily maintain a compliant operation by recording flower, trim, and other byproduct weights then track converted items like extracts for edibles in one simple interface. BioTrack makes it easy to trace converted products to the source material while recording the complete chain of custody in the event of a recall.

Key Features

Efficient Workflows

Design custom plant tags. Create virtual rooms, tables, groups, and link clones to mothers

Seamless Plant Management

Monitor nutrient addition, phase changes, plant movements, wet and dry harvests/trimming, and plant audits

Custom Automation

Automatically program plants to move between phases based on custom timeframes per strain

Custom Harvest Options

Select one or more Bi-products, multiple collections points, batch laser

Strain Notes

Monitor genealogy, potency, and design workflows around your Standard Operating Procedures

Easy-to-use Cultivation Grid

Graphical and list-view modes you can design and customize for your operation

Reports & Analytics

Access to mother/clone reports, yields, forensics, yield forecasting, strain ranking, 100+ pre-built reports, and more

Digital Representation of Your Physical Operation Through:

Automated Reminders
Schedule reminders for tasks like watering or nutrient and pesticide applications at the press of a button.
Plant Application Monitoring
Keep track of nutrients and pesticides added to each seed and plant using strain notes inside our marijuana producer software technology.
Genealogy Tracking
Record and track crossbreeding, plant genetics and monitor clones.
Yield Forecasting
Optimize for larger yields by monitoring and analyzing your harvest and growth data.
Get data from past and current yields to optimize future yields.
"Having an experienced consultant come help train us on BioTrack was incredibly beneficial to our understanding of the software. There are so many pieces to BioTrack that we wouldn’t have been able to utilize otherwise. I’ve attempted to learn tracking software in the past, but they’ve ended in a mess. Deciding to have someone come out here to train us was a great decision because now we feel confident in our ability to functionally use BioTrack. Even if we do fall into a point of confusion, our onsite consultant is always quick to respond. I completely recommend having someone who knows BioTrack to train your team."
Advanced Grow Labs, Connecticut