Cultivation Operations

Simplify a complex process by streamlining your operations with custom workflows and key data points to optimize your future yields with the cultivation operations cannabis business solution.

Greater Insights Into Your Crops

  • Yield Forecasting – Monitor and analyze your harvest data to optimize for larger yields.
  • Genealogy Tracking – Record and track cross-breeding, plant genetics and monitor clone potency results.
  • Built for Growers – Built for cannabis growers, by cannabis growers. Custom workflows to support the weighing of multiple plant by-products (wet or dry), plus multiple data collection points and ability to grade product quality upon curing.
  • Analyze Your Results – Monitor Pesticides and Nutrients applied, log Strain Notes detailing light and watering cycles, plus review Past Harvest Data to optimize your future yields.
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Processing and Manufacturing

Record the necessary data for compliance and automatically port required information to product labels, saving time and increasing transparency, with our processing and manufacturing cannabis inventory management solution.

Convert, Record, Transport and Manage

  • Conversion Tracking – Want to convert flower into oil? Oil into edibles? Convert products into single or multiple by-products, while maintaining a complete chain of custody, logging cost per gram calculations and product notifications or recalls.
  • Transactional Reports – Easily generate invoices and purchase orders for record keeping and safe, compliant business practices.
  • Transport Manifests – Create, submit, and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver, and cargo contained for regulatory review.
  • Product Details – Add several product details to your inventory items, printing key information directly on your labels including ingredients, potency results, plus a reactive expiration date that can lock a product if it’s past expiration, and much more.
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Dispensary POS System

Our Dispensary Point-of-Sale solution was created specifically for cannabis businesses, featuring true hardware integration on a variety of tools, virtually eliminating human error and minimizing your data entry.

Identify Sales Trends and Optimize Your Inventory

  • Automated Discounts and Loyalty Programs – Setup discounts based on date, time, product, brand and more, plus employee weigh heavy and daily discount allowances. Reward the loyal customers with our exclusive loyalty points program or reward them with certain products/promotions. Setup is a cinch.
  • Purchase Limits – Compliance can be stressful which is why we make sure you never over dispense to a patient or customer. The system tracks limits based on type and equivalency. No matter where you operate, we have you covered!
  • Online Ordering, Menu Displays – Fully integrated online ordering portal, digital menu displays and more, are now available through our dedicated integration partners.
  • Data Driven CRM – Out-of-the-Box Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to reward loyal customers and referrals. Setup targeted email and text campaigns based on customer’s favorite products, last visit date, purchase history, birthdays and more.
  • Automated Data Entry – Eliminate data entry and human error with integrated hardware that populates metrics right on your screen. Weigh directly into the computer, *scan patient ID’s and populate customer profiles, with a single action.
  • Customer Profiles – Create individual customer profiles to help treat all of your customers like regulars. Keep track of special preferences, medical preferences, purchase history, rewards points and more.

*Patient ID scanning feature varies by state.

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Delivery & Online Ordering

Our delivery and online ordering module allows you to offer your customers an easy and convenient way to access your products even when they aren’t in the dispensary.

Give the Flexibility Customers Want

  • Online Ordering – Fully integrated online ordering portal is now available through our dedicated integration partners.
  • Multilocation Deliveries – Send your drivers out the door with multiple deliveries knowing they have the most efficient routes.
  • Transport Manifests – Create, submit, and store compliant transportation manifests noting vehicle, driver, and cargo contained for regulatory review.
  • Easy Modifications – Reschedule or cancel delivery orders with just a few clicks.
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Putting Your Business First

These key features are what make BioTrack the best and most secure cannabis software for your business.


The most complete METRC integration available. The only full vertical seed-to-sale cannabis software that’s integrated with all METRC state systems. No matter what license type you hold, automatically report all of your required compliance data to your state’s METRC tracking system. Please note, it is still considered a best practice to periodically login to METRC.

Leaf Data Systems

Fully integrated with Leaf Data Systems.


Of course, we’re fully integrated with our own BioTrack government traceability system.

PMP/ASAP State Integration

Prescription monitoring system reporting.

*Only State Required info is sent to state systems

Integration Partners

Dispensary analytics, e-commerce, delivery, accounting, CRM, and payment tools – all directly integrated to your BioTrack Dispensary POS System.

Hardware, Equipment, & Supplies

Hardware and equipment directly integrated to your cannabis software solutions to reduce human error and create an integrated technology structure. Everything you need including scales, printers, terminals, and more.

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Server Options

BioTrack is the only cannabis software and cannabis POS to offer both a locally hosted server option and a cloud hosted server option for your business. We understand that the needs of every licensed cannabis business are unique, so we provide the freedom to store your data where you please.

Local Server

The only locally-hosted software solution in the cannabis industry.

Cloud Server

Enjoy the industry-leading security standards of AWS cloud hosting with BioTrack.

Best-in-Class Data Security

Because we understand that your data is the backbone of your business and compliance, BioTrack is held to the highest standards of data security currently available. Our cannabis software solution employs best-in-class security standards including two-factor authentication, password encryption, inactivity timeouts, database encryptions, and more.

User Permissions

Create granular user permission settings to minimize opportunity for error and keep a close eye on who has access to what.

Access Logs

Enjoy comprehensive access logs detailing date, time, and user, for every single action performed in your BioTrack system.

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100+ customizable reports

From complex sales reports to full inventory audits, enjoy dozens and dozens of different reports. Need a custom report? Let us know and we’ll build it for you.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop the report you want to see and easily display and export the info. No complicated setup or data entry to display the report/information you’re looking for.

SQL report designer

Have a team member who knows SQL? Design and customize your own proprietary reports, with whatever data you’d like.

Export via CSV, PDF, HTML

Who needs wonky file formats? Export all of your BioTrack reports in CSV, PDF and HTML for easy readability and use in your program of choice.

Match Your Process

No matter what your tried and true process is, we’ll help you stay aligned with as much of it as possible. Enjoy highly flexible workflows that allow you to maintain your preferred operating procedures and workflows.

On-Site Assistance

With BioTrack, you get an experienced partner that you can count on. Our On-Site Assistance team members will visit your licensed cannabis business to help optimize your system and your workflows to work seamlessly and efficiently.

Built for Cannabis Businesses

By working hand in hand with cultivators, processors and dispensaries, we’ve built the BioTrack cannabis software solution to match the unique needs of the cannabis product lifecycle.

Audit your Inventory

Whether you’re growing thousands of plants, processing dozens of batches, or selling a wide variety of products, perform a full audit on your entire inventory to ensure there is no missing data.

Stay Compliant

Easily stay compliant by tracking key reporting requirements and monitoring all of your inventory with ease. We have reports built to address compliance requirements in each and every state.

Monitor Down to the Exact Milligram

When you’re running a cannabis business, your inventory is vast. Our NTEP Certified system is highly accurate and highly organized allowing you to track all of your product down to the exact milligram.

Custom Labels

Customize your labels to feature a wide variety of information from nutrients and ingredients to business info and compliance requirements.

Your Business Info

Feature your business info, your logo, contact info, and anything else you’d like to highlight your brand.

Compliance Requirements

Easily stay compliant with labels that feature every required piece of information, no matter what your state.

Advanced Analytics and Actionable Insights with Cannalytics

BioTrack has a full integration with Cannalytics, Forian’s powerful business intelligence tool. Built on Forian’s cutting edge Data Factory – that standardizes & links your BioTrack POS data to our proprietary customer data – Cannalytics delivers actionable business intelligence about essential sales, product, inventory, budtender, and customer data to help you make more data driven decisions to level up your business.

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