Does BioTrackTHC support multiple location access and reporting?

Yes, BioTrackTHC supports multi-location businesses with data sharing, employee permissions, and reporting. Grant and revoke location access easily with over 160 enforceable permissions.

How can I change the way reports export. i.e. PDF or Xcel?

To change this go to OPTIONS -> REPORTS -> FORMATTING -> Change the default export format to CSV or PDF.

Why do my reports look different than they did a few months ago?

Reports are something that get updated as part of regular system updates. If it looks different than before, it is because it was updated to the latest version of the report.

Which report can be used to view sales totals or quantities sorted by day, week, or month?

The ‘Sales Trends’ report can be run to show sales by dollar amount, quantity or weight sorted by day, week, or month for a specific date range. This report can be narrowed down by product, terminal, and/or category as well.

Which report can be used to see my transfers to other vendors?

The Wholesale Report (under the sales category) is the best report for viewing inbound/outbound transfers. The report includes vendor, date/time, price, tax, and user information.

What report will show me the total plant count for last year?

The ” Historical Plant Inventory” report will show you these details and can of course be ran by time period.

What report can I use to see my weight and dry weights at harvest/cure?

The Yields report

How do I run a report on the chain of custody of a plant? I want to be able to trace a plant since inception/clone.

This can be accomplished using the Plant Forensics report. You can access this report by navigating to Reports -> Growhouse -> Plant Forensics.

Which report can I use to view the payment method used for each sale?

Payment method is shown on the ‘Payments’ report (under the sales category of the reports tab).

What does “Total sales placed on account” mean on the complex sales report?

This means customer sales were paid with the option of account. In other words, the customer was able to leave with the product and come back at a later date and pay for it.