Does BioTrack record and retain QA Test Results?

Yes, in most cases BioTrack will import the results directly from the lab. If direct data integration is unavailable simply upload QA results from a CSV file. QA results are available for product labels and receipts where required.

How do I use the lab results uploader?

Your results must be in .csv (spreadsheet) format with a specific header. The file must have columns for BIOTRACKBATCH, H20, CBD-A, CBG, CBD, B8-THC, CBN, D9-THC, CBC, and D0-THC-A ,in that specific order, on the first row of the sheet. Once you’ve entered in all of your results and batch numbers you can use the “”lab uploader”” shortcut location on the bottom right hand side of the inventory screen. This will then populate all of those batches with the associated test results.

How do I upload test results to an item?

Double-click on the inventory item or select the item and click ‘Details’ to bring up the details of that item. On the details screen, click on the test results tab, click modify results. Use the ‘Lab’ ‘Amount’ ‘Profile’ and ‘Date’ fields to input the results as the lab provided them for each type of testing that was done, and click ‘Add after each’. Once all of the results have been added for the item, click ‘Save’ to modify the results.

What does the “Pass through QA Results” check box in the Inventory Conversion screen do?

The “Pass through QA Results” checkbox in the Inventory Conversion screen will tie the testing information for the original item and the newly created item together. Going forward whenever a test result is changed on any of the items the other items will also have the changes.

How do you change the lab associated with a QA sample?

The sample must be voided and recreated. Under the quality assurance tab there is a void sample button, after that under inventory use the sample button and associate it to the correct lab.

How can I add the Test Result ranges in BioTrack and on my labels?

To be able to add the test results in a range format you will need to go to ADMINISTRATION -> INVENTORY -> TESTING TYPES. On the testing types window you will need to add the ranges used ex: THC(min) & THC(max). This will add the type to your test results page so that you can input the results accordingly. As for the adding testing results to your label, a variable will be added in the test results option where you can then add the results in the Range format that is required.