Does BioTrack have contracts?

No, the licensing agreement is month to month. We earn your business 4 weeks at a time.

Is BioTrack available in Spanish?


Where can I find the BioTrack manual?

In Biotrack, go to Help menu > Download Manual and the Biotrack Manual will populate in pdf format. You may also find our manuals on our website.

Does BioTrackTHC account for Care Givers?

Yes, BioTrack assigns plants to patients and automatically reassigns plants as patient levels change.

Can I access BioTrackTHC remotely?

Yes, BioTrackTHC will setup a dedicated connection facilitating remote access. It’s the benefit of the cloud without the data vulnerabilities.

Does BioTrack integrate with my existing accounting platform?

No, BioTrack does not directly integrate but data export functionality is available via CSV (Excel) upload to most accounting systems.

Does BioTrack have an accounting platform?

No, BioTrack does not have an accounting module. However, BioTrack has many reports to aid in business management.

Does BioTrack account for taxes?

Yes, BioTrack supports custom tax categories including, but not limited to, 280e, City, State, or Excise.

Where is my data stored?

As the industry’s only server based system you can rest easy knowing your data is as secure as your facility. Data is stored on site and protected by SSL Certificate encryption. No one, not even BioTrackTHC employees can access your data without your permission and supervision.

Does BioTrackTHC integrate with RFID?

Yes, BioTrack supports RFID solutions, contact your account representative for more information.

Can I have BioTrack installed on my Mac?

Yes, BioTrack can be installed on Mac computers with certain operating systems.

Does BioTrack provide equipment?

No, BioTrack does not supply hardware. However, vendors listed on our partners page provide BioTrack Supported Equipment as well as other industry specific supplies.

Does BioTrack integrate with Quickbooks?

We do not integrate directly to Quickbooks, however, each report inside BT exports via CSV/Xcel so that in turn can be manipulated and upload into QuickBooks. If you’d like more information on this please reach out to a BT Representative.

What does FIFO stand for?

Its a retail acronym for selling First in First out inventory. Meaning based on transfers the oldest product is sold first.