How can I see the total amount of Grams or Units for a Metrc Package tag?

To view the total amount of inventory for a specific Metrc ID, run the ‘Current Inventory’ report with the filter for grouping set to ‘Secondary ID’. That will group the inventory items on the report by Metrc tag and show the total quantity or weight per tag.

What does the error ‘You are trying to report this product as “Each” but this package is tracked in “Grams” mean when uploading into Metrc?

That error means the product was reported to Metrc as an each item (in quantity), but the package’s Metrc tag is weighable. To resolve this error uncheck the ‘Metrc Weighable’ box in the product information. The “Metrc Weighable” button means that even if the product is sold as a unit (ie 1 unit of 0.5g shatter) BioTrackTHC will report that product in grams to Metrc (ie package x sold .5 grams).

When do I need to use the Metrc Weighable checkbox for a product?

Use the Metrc Weighable option when the product is something you want to track by quantity in your BioTrackTHC system, but the Metrc package tag associated with the product is tracked in grams. (I.E a pre-roll in BioTrackTHC that pulls from a bulk flower tag in Metrc).

How do I know if a sale hasn’t uploaded to Metrc via the API integration?

Verify Metrc sales by going to ADMINISTRATION -> STATE MONITORING -> RECONCILIATION -> SALES TICKETS. This will show you every sale that wasn’t uploaded and why. Once the sale issue is corrected, navigate to the ‘Sales’ tab within ‘Inventory’ and double click on the sale to upload it to Metrc.