How does BioTrack organize plants and inventory?

BioTrack utilizes a globally unique 16 digit identifier to track plants and inventory. The identifier follows the plant throughout its lifecycle recording phases, notes, pesticides, and conversions. Converted products are assigned a new identifier encompassing the previous information creating a continuous chain of command and information.

How do I change the threshold amount, which triggers the alert that makes my inventory “orange” or “red” based on running low/out of stock?

To do this you will need Admin access. Once logged in simply go to ADMINISTRATION -> ADVANCED -> SYSTEM VARIABLES. Once you’re there scroll down to “LOW INVENTORY”. By default this “limit” is set to 28 grams and or 28 units. To change this simply scroll the bar left or right. Click save, then log out and back into the system to see the reflected changes.

How do I void a transfer and have the product put back into my Inventory?

In trace, there is a sub-lot button that makes this clear but in a non-trace state you have to do a conversion and convert the item into the same thing it already is, the conversion quantity and new product quantity should be the desired size of the new lot.

How do you enable custom fields in my inventory?

Go to the INVENTORY menu bar -> CUSTOM INVENTORY FIELDS, then select ‘On’ under the Custom Inventory Variable.

If I save the inventory audit and sell out of the batch I have already audited, what happens?

The audit will only reset for that particular batch that you sold out of.

How do I create a new inventory room?

The path to add or modify inventory rooms is to navigate to the menu bar at the very top : INVENTORY -> ROOMS. Type the name of the new room in the ‘Name’ field and click save to add a new room.

How can I adjust an inventory item that has been depleted?

Inventory details for that item can be loaded by typing the full 16 digit barcode into INVENTORY -> INVENTORY LOOKUP.

How can I print multiple labels for the same inventory item?

If the printer is set up to automatically print, just press Print Label as many times as you need labels. Otherwise, if you see the Print dialog, change the Number of Copies to as many labels as you need before clicking Print.

How can you bring back and correct an item you’ve adjusted down to zero and is no longer in your inventory?

Using the inventory search function, you may enter the full 16 digit identifier and pull up the inventory details screen for an item, even if available is 0. From here you may select the adjustments and the updated amount will repopulate into your inventory.

Why won’t my items deduct from my inventory when I sell products?

In the products tab, the ‘Requires Inventory’ box needs to be checked off in order for the inventory to deduct upon sale.

How can I remove products I do not have in stock from my customer screen?

By going to OPTIONS > SALES> MISC you can uncheck show out of stock inventory.

How can I view which inventory items were derived from a specific plant?

Run the plant forensics report (Growhouse -> Plant forensics) with the full plant ID to see the full history of the plant including any products created from the plant.

How do I get my Cost Per Unit to pre-populate on my Inventory Details screen?

When accepting an inbound transfer for inventory, the system will prompt you to enter the individual line item’s cost. The cost you enter for each lot during your inbound transfer, will be divided by the quantity of units in the lot and the individual unit price will populate in the Inventory Details screen for that lot. The user will be able to see that so long as they have the permission “VIEW COST PER UNIT” ENABLED.

How do I undo a destruction notification?

If it it’s inventory. Go to INVENTORY> UNDO> DESTRUCTION NOTIFACATION > SELECT the inventory you’d like to undo. If it it’s a plant. Go to GROWHOUSE> UNDO> DESTRUCTION NOTIFACATION.> SELECT the plant you’d like to undo.