How can I add the Test Result ranges in BioTrack and on my labels?

To be able to add the test results in a range format you will need to go to ADMINISTRATION -> INVENTORY -> TESTING TYPES. On the testing types window you will need to add the ranges used ex: THC(min) & THC(max). This will add the type to your test results page so that you can input the results accordingly. As for the adding testing results to your label, a variable will be added in the test results option where you can then add the results in the Range format that is required.

What are the settings for the AND EK-1200?

2400/7/2/2 or 2400/7/2/1

How do I reprint an invoice?

Invoices can be reprinted under the transfers tab by clicking on the ‘Generate P.O.’ button.

Can we have multiple Zebra printers on one terminal?

Having multiple Zebras on one terminal would cause one or both of the printers not to print the proper label size or orientation desired. One Zebra per terminal.

My label printer is printing in between labels, what can I do?

There a few things that can be tried first, but the printer may require a complete driver reinstall. First open up Devices and Printers in Windows, find and right-click the printer, and go to printing preferences> tools. From that menu select reset printer and send the command. That will reset the printer itself and its spool. Next try the calibrate command from that same page. Calibrate should print 2-4 labels. If more or less labels print that usually means the printer driver needs to be reinstalled.

My label printer keeps flashing red after two prints, what do I do?

Go to OPTIONS -> HARDWARE -> PRINTERS and see if that printer is selected. If so, unselect it and try doing print jobs again by manually choosing it and doing the print jobs.

How do I remove “ghosted” printers?

Run printmanagement.msc in Windows and delete all printers that are not being used.

Can I use different size labels with my zebra printer?


Can you install two scales on the same terminal?

No. They need to be done separately.

Can I use a networked label printer with BioTrack?

We do not recommend using networked based label printers with BioTrack as we do not support them and they are difficult to support via a remote session. We recommend that label printers be directly connected to the terminal for a more reliable connection and function.

What is the difference between the zebra TLP 2824 plus and the zebra LP 2824 plus?

The zebra TLP 2824 plus can print using either thermal conduction or an ink ribbon to print on a label. The LP 2824 plus can only print using thermal conduction to print on a label.

Will my receipt printer work if connected to a USB 3.0 port?

No. Receipt printers run on legacy drivers and those drivers are not optimized to communicate with a computer through a USB 3.0 port.

I plugged my label/receipt printer into another machine and it is not working. What do I do?

Check to make sure that the device is setup and the settings are correct in devices and printers within your machine. If they are, install the latest printer drivers and try printing again.

How can I edit receipt settings?

Receipts settings, including font size, orientation, copies, additional text, and more, can be modified under OPTIONS -> MISC -> RECEIPTS.

How can I create label templates?

Labels can be edited under OPTIONS> MISC. From this menu, select the option for either customer or inventory labels. Customer labels are printed at the point of sale under the ‘Customers’ tab and Inventory labels are printed under the ‘Inventory’ tab. Selecting either type of label from the OPTIONS> MISC menu will bring up the label editor for that label type and display the currently loaded label. From this screen labels can be edited, saved, imported and exported.

BioTrack has a basic label set by default for each label type (Customer or Inventory). This label can be modified or a template imported. There are several types of objects that can be modified or added to the label. These objects represent a single piece of label information (i.e. strain name or THC %) and are either variable (pulled from BioTrack data), custom (data into manually into the label editor), Testing (pulled from testing data input into BioTrack.) or Image (selected from file).

Each object can be modified by double-clicking on the name of the object in the ‘Object’ list or by clicking new and adding object information. Each object needs to have ‘Font Size’, ‘X Offset’, ‘Y Offset’, and ‘Text Wrap’ Specified. ‘X Offset’ and ‘Y Offset’ are used to specify the grid location of each object on the label. For ‘Variable’ and ‘Testing’ object types select the Variable from the dropdown and input the ‘Prefix’ (this is what prints before the data). For ‘Custom’ objects input the text to be printed on the label in the ‘Custom Text’ field. For ‘Image’ objects specify the image file and dimensions of the image. After modifying each object click ‘Add’ to save it to the label. Make sure to click ‘Save’ to save changes and utilize that template or ‘Save Template’ to save the newly created label as a template for future use. Your templates can be saved and opened from within the system so you have a number of options from which to choose.

Can I copy the label from one location to another?

Yes. You can use the “Copy” button in the Label Creation tool. This button allows users to copy the label represented in the preview window to another location automatically. When doing so the user will also decipher whether it’s an inventory label or a customer label.

How do I change the logo on the invoices?

Go to ADMINISTRATION > LOCATIONS > LOGO. Here you can upload your logo to both the receipts and the invoice/P.O.

Can I connect my label printer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner into a USB hub to save USB port space on the terminal?

Short answer No.

Long answer: All devices and printers that interact with Biotrack should be directly connected to the terminal/computer. Using USB hub to save USB port space on is convenient when it pertains to connecting to multiple storage devices but it causes communication issues when it pertains to communication devices. This happens because usb hubs do not provide drivers but instead just forward data traffic.Printers and scanners use drivers to communicate with the computer they are connected too.Hence a USB hub would not forward the drivers the printer and devices require to communicate with the computer. Which ultimately causes the printers, receipt printer, and barcode scanner not function properly at the time of use.

What is the minimum size label that can be used to create a barcode?

1.25 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide

Can I connect an LP and a TLP printer to the same computer?

While this is technically feasible, it is not supported by BioTrack and can cause unexpected printing errors.

How do I stop the receipt from auto-printing after a sale?

The setting is under OPTIONS > MISC> RECIEPTS > and uncheck Auto receipt printing.