What do I do if I forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password you will need to contact one of your organization’s Biotrack Admin users. Only users that have been set up as an Admin can create or edit user profiles. The Admin will need to go to the Admin dropdown, then Users, then Modify User. Choose the user that has forgotten their password and then simply enter a new password. Be sure to click the OK button once you are finished to save your changes. If the Admin user does not know their password then you will need to email suppo[email protected] to initiate the account verification process.

Can I Upload PDF’s to BioTrackTHC?

Yes, you can upload PDF’s for Customers, Patients, and Vendors.

Does BioTrack manage vendors?

Yes, you can create Vendor specific folders to manage invoices, PO’s, service agreements etc.

Can I import data from another software system?

BioTrack can import Patient or Customer profile data. Inventory, Sales, or Accounting data cannot be imported.

In Traceability, at what stage can I no longer change the strain of an inventory item?

Once an item has been converted into a LOT or batch that is eligible for QA testing it can no longer have the strain modified via the interface.

How do you undo a conversion?

The path to undo a conversion is INVENTORY -> UNDO -> UNDO CONVERSION. Select the conversion to be undone and click ‘OK’ to undo it. If the conversion shows ‘No’ in the reversible column or is not listed it must be undone manually using the ‘Adjust’ function.

How do I know what version of BioTrack I am on?

Go to the help section at the top of the screen and click About. The version number will appear on the very top of that pop-up window.

When signing into BioTrack, why is the screen white until I minimize and reopen it?

This happens when the BioTrack font size does not agree with whatever the screen resolution is set to, you can correct this by going to OPTIONS -> MISC -> SCREEN SETTINGS and setting the font size to either medium or small.

Where can I find cost per unit in BioTrack?

You will need someone with Admin privileges to go to ADMINISTRATION -> USERS -> MODIFY USERS. Select the username that needs to see the cost per unit, and then in the right pane, under permissions, in the inventory section, check the option “View Cost Per Unit”. This will make cost per unit display in the inventory and products tabs, as well as in every report that displays cost columns.

How do I switch locations?

In order to switch locations you can go to Options -> Locations -> Switch Locations, or under the shortcuts section click Switch Location.

How do I correct a transfer price after it’s been completed?

Enable the system variable. (ADMIN -> INVENTORY -> TRANSFER CORRECTIONS. Click on the inventory transfer line item and then click on correct transfer. Update price and click ok.

How can I show the THC in milligram rather than percentage?

You can create a new testing type by going to ADMINISTRATION ->INVENTORYY -> TESTING TYPES. There you can create a new type and put the units to mg. Once you save that you will then be able to select that as an option and tie that variable back to your labels.

Can I share product names between multiple locations?

To Share the product names between your locations you would go to ADMINISTRATION -> LOCATIONS -> DATA SHARING and select which items you wish to share between your locations.

How do I get my products to report as grams or as each?

This is controlled by the MITS weighable checkbox within the “PRODUCTS” shortcut. If you want the items to report as grams you would want to check the “MITS weighable” checkbox. If you want the item to report as each you would leave the “MITS weighable” checkbox unchecked.

How do you undo a conversion?

Conversions must be undone using the ‘Adjust’ function. Find the barcode ID of the parent item number via the conversion report, adjust the parent ID up in quantity or weight and the child ID down to 0 (by leaving the new quantity field blank. (core)

Do I need a server (database) at all my locations?

No, maintaining one database for several locations allows you to share products, users, reports, loyalty points, patients, etc between locations.

I moved my router or unplugged my Server and/or workstation(s) and now I cannot connect to BioTrack, what do I do?

If the connection to BioTrack has been lost after a router or computer relocation, it is typically because there is no Static IP connected to the server. When routers or machines are moved around it can cause the IP address that the Server is running off of to change. To remedy this you want to go to the Server and look at the IPv4 address it is running on. Then point all terminals to that IP. Once terminals have been configured to use the new server IP address the connection will be restored.

My BioTrack says “Connection Refused”, why?

If you get this error message it may mean you need to turn your windows firewall off. This should resolve the issue.

Why is my timesheet log incorrect?

The timeclock goes by the server’s time. If you are having issues with the time clock being incorrect, first verify that the server’s time is correct.

Does BioTrack support multiple screens? How can I set up a customer facing display?

Yes – We can Mirror the second the screen and have the Customer view the entire transaction.

Can I look at the products in the customer screen in a list vs. an icon?

Yes, you can. If you go to OPTIONS -> SALES -> SALES SCREEN, you can select Icon or List.

Is there a maximum daily limit for the text/email blast feature?

The email/text marketing services we offer do indeed allow for more than 200 messages per day, DEPENDING on which email provider you use. (ie Gmail, Hotmail, GoDaddy etc) These providers have different caps on how many you can send per day. For instance, Gmail allows 200 per day, GoDaddy can send up to 2000 per day. So if you are looking to send more it’s advised you switch you company email services to GoDaddy. If you do use Gmail it will send 200 per day however keep in mind….if the message was supposed to go to 1000 people it will send 200 on Monday, 200 on Tuesday, 200 on Wednesday, etc until you’ve hit the 1000 recipients. It’s advised you reach out to these providers and ask what their limits are.

What information do I need from my customers to send marketing messages?

Cell number, carrier, or email address and the appropriate “Opt-in” checkboxes checked under the ‘Marketing’ tab.

How do I delete a duplicate customer from the Database?

First you need to have the customer in the Queue. Next, you must ensure someone who is an ADMIN is logged in. If they are – simply go up to ADMIN -> CUSTOMERS -> SELECT DELETE CUSTOMER. That customer will now lo longer be in the system.

Can I redo a sale from yesterday?

ADMINISTRATION -> ADVANCED -> SYSTEM VARIABLES -> Turn on “SALE TIME SPECIFY” complete the sale for that day and then turn it off.

My BioTrack won’t open and is giving me a perl .511 or .510 error, what do I do?

This happens often when BioTrack is shut down incorrectly. Mostly from the top right “”X”” versus logout and exit. To remedy this situation please first try a fresh restart. If that does not solve it, shut the computer down completely turn it off. Wait about 1 minute and boot back up. This should resolve the error.

What does “no session provided” mean?

The ‘No Session Provided’ error means your commercial BioTrack software is not communicating with the state traceability server. This is likely due to the password being incorrect, but it could be due to other incorrect state monitoring settings. The path to modify state settings is ADMINISTRATION -> STATE MONITORING -> SETTINGS. To test the settings Click ‘OK’ on the settings window and then ‘Yes’ to the test prompt.

I sent out some items but I still see them on my end and the vendor is unable to accept them, why?

The best thing to do in this situation is have an admin log into BioTrack go to ADMINISTRATION -> STATE MONITORING -> SYNC and perform a sync on manifests, transfers, and inventory have the vendor the same and it should solve the issue.

Do I have to switch location every time I log in?

If you have administrator access you can set the default location for each of your computers to whichever location you would like to have it open up to. ADMIN >LOCATIONS > TERMINALS >SELECT THE TERMINAL > THEN CHOOSE THE LOCATION THIS SHOULD LOG INTO.

How do I partially destroy a lot?

By creating a sub-lot with the quantity that you would like to destroy. Destroying the sub-lot will not affect the parent lot it came from.

Why are my vendor samples asking for a price when I try to send them out?

If vendor or educational samples require a price to be transferred outbound, the samples have not been designated correctly. This means the manifest for the samples must be voided and the samples designated for the vendor.

When doing a conversion what does the “Serialize” button do?

Serialize will create a barcode for each item being created. For example if I made 100 1g Pre-packs if serialized was checked BioTrack would generate 100 individual barcodes for each of the 1g pre-packs.

How can I generate a purchase order?

Select the INVENTORY TAB > TRANSFER SUB TAB > Find the transfer you’d like to reprint > CHECK IT OFF > Click GENERATE P.O. at the bottom.

Do I have to fill out all the fields in BioTrackTHC?

In order for the program to work, you do not have to fill out everything. However, it is advisable that you try to fill out as many fields as possible in order to have the most accurate information. If there is a blank field, it is there for a reason. **Remember any of the info input in the system can be pulled up on a report so it is in your benefit to include as much information as possible to get the most out of the system.

How do I send a transfer to my own licensed location without having to input a price?

By enabling ‘Simple Location Transfers’ (ADMIN -> INVENTORY -> TRANSFERS) Biotrack will allow you to send these transfers without having to input a price. If simple location transfers is set to “off” you can still do this by going to the transfer inventory shortcut and selecting your location you’d like to send it to. Once you select your location you’ll notice the system will not prompt you to add a “cost” to the transfer.

How do I receive the latest updates?

Verify all Firewalls and Antivirus have exceptions for the following directories (based on default installation):
C:\Program Files (x86)\BTMSI
Allow Port 9001 through routers firewall.