Does BioTrackTHC support Member levels?

Yes, BioTrack allows for the creation of custom Member levels, Reward Points, and Loyalty Programs.

How can I set up a quick refill for a patient coming in?

After setting up a patients cart with the refilled items click on the little disk icon on the right hand side of the transaction to save the cart. Once the patient comes in you can simply click on his or her name in the checkout queue and the order will pull up automatically. All they need to do it pay.

Can BioTrackTHC display my active menu on a TV?

Yes, the new BT Menu is designed to integrate directly with your BioTrack Inventory. You have full control over the products displayed and how they are sorted. BT menu allows you to sort by product name, price point, product categories, and even inventory types! The menu is available for live display on your website and includes a printable “daily” menu option. Furthermore, if you run out of a certain item it will automatically disappear from the menu. No more manually updating it yourself – saving you time and money!

Can BioTrackTHC tell me which budtenders are weighing heavy to a customer?

Yes. Since we allow for vertical scale integration, not only will be the system tell you who is weighing heavy, the system will also tell if you the scale ever gets unplugged or if the budtender switched it to “manual mode”. The Weigh Heavy report in the sales tab within the reporting section will show the difference of what was dispensed and what was charged.

Can customers/patients open a tab at my dispensary?

Yes. By selecting Account as a payment method when checking someone out, you will be able to manage accounts receivable as well as see what balance that customer has when you open up their profile.

Can I import patients into BioTrackTHC from another software system?

Absolutely, please make sure you export your patients from the other program in csv format. Please skim through the csv file and make sure it has all your data. Our representives can then import that customer list into your Biotrack system. Names, address, DOB, expiration dates, etc are all uploaded for your convenience.

I can’t scan a customer’s ID card, why?

Most ID do not use a standard barcode scanner or magnet swipe. You need a 2D scanner.

How do I modify my loyalty points program?

Loyalty points can be modified under ADMINISTRATION> LOYALTY> POINT SYSTEM SETUP.

How do I turn on Sales insights?

Go to OPTIONS > SALES > SALES INSIGHTS and you can also turn this on for conditions as well.

How can I add/adjust membership discounts?

Member levels and associated discount rates can be added or modified under OPTIONS> SALES> MEMBER DISCOUNT.

How do you remove the quantity prompt and label box that appears when you add an item to a sales ticket?

To remove the prompt box you must go to OPTIONS> SALES> BUDTENDER SCREEN and uncheck all the options that say Auto print and Check the last option to Auto add non weighable items.

How do I input my initial cash drawer amount?

To input the daily starting balance of the cash drawer for each terminal go to ADMINISTRATION> LOCATIONS> TERMINALS. Input the opening amount in the ‘Balance’ field and click ‘Save’.