Once a Plant Group is created, can I add the group to a Table?

Yes, BioTrack allows you to select all or some of the plants in a Group and move them to a Table.

Can I customize the display on location barcodes like Plant Tables or Rooms?

No, location barcodes cannot be customized. To view location data, switch to Grid View Mode and select the plant table or room.

Does BioTrackTHC track genealogy?

Yes, all plants are tracked back to the source whether seed or clone. Clones are linked to Mothers and can be tracked and measured historically.

How do I add a new plant through the trace/core system?

Go to the GROWHOUSE TAB -> NEW PLANT -> SOURCE ID -> pick your source ID you’d like to pull from and then select the # of plants/seeds/clones/mature plants you are pulling from the Source. Fill out the rest and press ok.

If I brought in 100 seeds during my 15-day inventory window and only planted 20 of them, but then 10 of them did not sprout at all, how do I account for the 10 seeds that didn’t make it?

You would simply just go to the INVENTORY SCREEN and go to the source/batch/lot of blueberry seeds and check that off. Once complete go to the bottom and click “ADJUST” You ll notice there are reasons for the adjustment choose the one that best describes “WHY”. Then simply in your own words describe the reason for the adjustment and click OK. This will now adjust the lot/batch of blueberry to the correct amount!

How can I view the wet weight input during harvest?

Wet weight can be found on the ‘Yields’ report. (under the growhouse category of the reports tab).

What’s the largest you can make the Grid in the growhouse?

99 x 99 is the largest you can make the digital grow grid. You can do this by navigating to OPTIONS -> GROWHOUSE -> DIGITAL GROW GRID.

Can you guys do predictive yield forecasting for my plants?

Yes – There are a couple different ways you can do this. The first way you can do this is set each strain names # of days until it hits each stage. OPTIONS -> GROWHOUSE -> PLANT GROWTH PHASES. Once you fill out these numbers the system will automatically change them to the next growth stage, telling you it’s time to move it to the other room. On the flip side when you move plants from room to room the system will time stamp that plant and that strain for the predictive yield forecast report. The system will actually start to learn your growing habits based on past harvest and based on where certain strains currently are in the growth cycle. The yield forecast report will then be able to tell you 30/60 or even 90 days out approximately how many grams you should have per strain based on prior growing statistics.

How do I assign a phase to a room?

GROWHOUSE > ROOMS > from there you can assign a room a specific phase and when you move plants to that room it will automatically update the phase.

How do I switch from Graphical view to List view in the growhouse?

Select GROWHOUSE > VIEW MODE > Change to list view mode.

How do I stop weights from copying into other fields when I’m entering harvest weights?

Go to OPTIONS> HARDWARE> PERIPHERALS and uncheck the checkbox labeled ‘scale emulation’, It is important to also note that this option is set on a terminal by terminal basis.

How can I undo a batch of plants so that I can harvest them individually? (unharvest)

Once the plants are harvested , they cannot be “un harvested”. With the current functionality of BioTrack for the State of Illinois, you are not able to undo and or un harvest batch of plants. In order to get those plants un harvested (Undone), corrections must be made in the back end with the help of BioTrackTHC technician.

Please note that, BioTrackTHC will only correct or adjust that information explicitly approved of in writing, please be precise in your request.

Once the approval is given we will go ahead and make the necessary corrections and follow up with you.

How do I move plants from inventory to grow?

This is done using the “new plant” button listed in cultivation/growhouse.

Where can I change the data input options when harvesting?

GO to OPTIONS > GROWHOUSE > BATCH OPTIONS Harvest is the wet weights and Cure is the dry weights.

How can I add new strains to my strain list?

To add new strains, view or change the names of existing strains, or delete strains you no longer use, you will need to access the Strains screen from either the ‘Cultivation’ tab or the ‘Inventory’ tab. Click on the ‘Strains’ shortcut to bring up the Strains screen. Select the strain to modify from the existing list or type the name of the new strain in ‘Name'(e.g., Blueberry, AK47, Sour Diesel, etc.) and select the strain type from the dropdown menu. After that, click the ‘Save’ button to save the strain into the system. The new strain will now appear within the Existing Strains dropdown list.

How do I undo a destruction notification?

If it it’s inventory. Go to INVENTORY> UNDO> DESTRUCTION NOTIFACATION > SELECT the inventory youd like to undo. If it it’s a plant. Go to GROWHOUSE> UNDO> DESTRUCTION NOTIFACATION.> SELECT the plant you’d like to undo.