Dr. Moe Afaneh, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Moe Afaneh is a trained pharmacist and executive with 15 years of business experience. He’s an expert in developing and implementing the operations of multiple departments within complex organizations while maximizing revenue. In his role with BioTrackTHC, Dr. Afaneh’s background as a pharmacist is an exceptional benefit in understanding the rapidly evolving cannabis marketplace. He is particularly adept at creating cross-industry alliances that bolster BioTrackTHC’s business operations and customers’ opportunities for success. Dr. Afaneh has his Doctor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Science degrees from Nova Southeastern University.

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T.J Ferraro, Chief Software Architect

T.J. Ferraro is a self-taught programmer and inventor. Mr. Ferraro is the co-inventor of Bio-Tech Medical Software’s entire portfolio of products. He worked with high-ranking state and federal law-enforcement officials to educate them about potential technology solutions to the drug problems in the United States. He co-authored two state-level legislative bills (Florida HB143 and Colorado HB1242). Mr. Ferraro is a bonafide member of Mensa International.

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David Terrell, Chief Technology Officer

David Terrell is a seasoned professional whose career started as a programmer at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) for the Space Shuttle program. From KSC Mr. Terrell continued to expand his technical background and knowledge while working for Harris Corp, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens Telecom for 20 years. With Mr. Terrell’s vast background, he brings experience of sound Software Development processes and technical skills to the BioTrackTHC team. He has served as the Technical Lead for the successful New Mexico, Illinois, and Arcata Medical Cannabis Tracking Systems from contract award until present. Mr. Terrell also currently serves as the Technical Lead for the Medical Cannabis Tracking System currently in development for the New York State project. Mr. Terrell has a BS degree in Computer Data Processing from Florida Institute of Technology.

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