Medical Marijuana License Info

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Please note; while we aim to keep this pages fully up to date with the latest information, cannabis laws are always changing.  We encourage you to verify these rules and regulations in the official legal text, which we’ve linked throughout the page for your convenience.

What are the conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana recommendation?

Only patients with intractable epilepsy and that are recommended for treatment by a state-licensed neurologist are eligible for a medical cannabis card.

Can a patient grow their own marijuana?

No, under the strict terms of the law, patients and their caregivers may only possess “hemp extracts,” which are defined as cannabis extractions that contain less than 0.9% THC and at least 5% CBD.

Can a minor receive a medical marijuana recommendation?

Yes, a person under 18 can become a patient, but their parent or legal guardian must agree to act as the minor-patient’s marijuana-infused products provider and control their use.

Providers, sometimes called Caregivers, cultivate and dispense marijuana to registered patients. Providers that have built up large patient bases have gone on to open Dispensaries, though no official designation exists between Providers and Dispensaries.

How do I become a registered provider?

Only caregivers are allowed to acquire hemp extract, patients are not allowed to directly acquire the medicine regardless of the patient’s age.

To become a caregiver, the following requirements apply:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must be a resident of North Carolina
  • Must be a patient’s parent, legal guardian, or custodian
  • Must register with DHHS by completing the Caregiver Registration Application
  • Must possess a written statement from the patient’s neurologist recommending hemp extract

What kind of tracking system do I need to operate as a Provider or Dispensary?

A provider or marijuana-infused products provider shall maintain records showing the names and registry identification numbers of registered cardholders to whom mature plants, seedlings, usable marijuana, or marijuana-infused products were transferred and the quantities transferred to each cardholder.  Our seed-to-sale-tracking solution provides comprehensive data tracking with an emphasis on compliance.  Customized to meet the unique regulatory frameworks in each state, BioTrack also features an all-in-one business tool to help you operate every aspect of the cultivation business by itself, or as part of the vertically-integrated cannabis business.