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What is Integration in Seed-to-Sale?

January 2, 2018

Many cannabis software and cannabis POS providers will claim to be “fully integrated” with your state’s traceability system, but what does “integrated” truly mean in seed-to-sale?  For BioTrack users, it means as you input data into BioTrack, only the required compliance data is automatically submitted, in real-time, to your state’s traceability system, nearly automating your compliance.

Let’s start with the basics; seed-to-sale is a term used to describe a variety of things in the cannabis industry. The term is meant to broadly define the cannabis supply-chain lifecycle and more recently, describes the process that licensed operators are required to follow in order to track and trace their cannabis inventory and remain compliant. A true seed-to-sale system allows licensed operators to track the entire cannabis supply.  Businesses are able to utilize a single segment of the BioTrack cannabis software solution, or individual segments for individual licenses, or combinations of licenses. It allows you to track the plant through cultivationmanufacturing, transport/distribution, and retail point-of-sale; or in layman’s terms, all the way from seed-to-sale.  But when it comes to seed-to-sale, integration is a term you’ll hear thrown around a lot, and it’s the one licensee’s need to be paying attention to.

Simply put; seed-to-sale integration means that the software being utilized for plant tracking, inventory control, and sales insights, is reporting in real-time, only your required compliance data to the stateside monitoring system.  If the software is not integrated, then it is not automatically submitting compliance info as you input data into your cannabis software or cannabis POS.  This leaves licensees and employees to re-enter the same data manually or rely on piles of spreadsheets and time-consuming file uploads. This is not only costly but any time humans are involved, the opportunity for error is exponential.  A simple typo can mean thousands of dollars in fines to your business.

seed to sale integrationSo simply put, fully integrated means you never have to login to the stateside traceability system to enter your compliance-centric data, because your 3rd party cannabis software or cannabis POS does it for you.  Although, we do consider it a best practice to periodically login to the state traceability portal to make sure things are up to snuff as that is the official system of record, but if you’re using BioTrackTHC’s cannabis software or cannabis POS in any state, you can be confident that the data will sync-up perfectly with what you entered in your commercial BioTrackTHC system.

BioTrack’s commercial seed-to-sale software is fully integrated with all state system providers including METRCLeaf Data, and BioTrackTHC (duh).  Contact our sales team to learn more.

While record-keeping and seed-to-sale tracking are crucial elements to your business, the true need to seed-to-sale integration is based on adhering to the regulatory framework. Seed-to-sale tracking systems are used to monitor key data points in the supply chain to ensure transparency, accountability, and safety; they’re also imperative to creating legitimacy for our industry by eliminating product diversion, ensuring safety, and maintaining a supply of quality, unadulterated, lab tested cannabis.

To learn more about how BioTrackTHC is fully integrated with your state system, whether it be METRC or Leaf Data, contact our knowledgeable sales team.  With BioTrack, users will never have to log in to their stateside system again.

Still not sure if you need a 3rd party cannabis software on top of METRC?

Since 2010, BioTrack has provided the legal cannabis operators with the industries’ leading seed to sale tracking and dispensary point of sale software. Whether you operate a cultivation site, manufacturing and processing facility, medical or recreational dispensary or a business that covers the full vertical, we’ve got you covered when it comes to compliance.

Our extensive seed-to-sale software allows licensed operators to remain compliant while helping to identify key data points to streamline and optimize inventory management at each phase of the operation; cultivation, processing, destruction and waste, transportation, lab testing and dispensing.

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