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New BioTrackTHC Report: Product Conversions

August 18, 2017

BioTrackTHC is back with a brand new report designed to help wholesalers and processors understand and manage extractions, adjustments, and product conversions.

The Inventory Conversions Report allows licensees to review all inventory conversions during the selected period of time.

The report will provide a detailed breakdown of both the source material and the final product displaying the Product, Strain, Inventory ID, Conversion Quantity, Time Stamp, Location, and even the User ID responsible for the action.

If there was any Waste recorded during the conversion it will also appear on the report in addition to identifying the total converted amount.

In states with METRC reporting requirements, the Parent and Child METRC ID will be available for review as well.

To access the Inventory Conversions report go to Reports>Inventory Reports>Inventory Conversion Report. For questions or concerns please visit the BioTrack’s Training Resource Center.

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