Government Traceability System’s Security

How does BioTrack currently store data?

BioTrack currently stores all of its Traceability System data in Tier 3 data centers; the highest tier available to non-government entities. Any system connected to a BioTrack state Traceability System, including those operating on the Core Commercial Software, benefit from the security features mentioned below. Some key features that award a Tier 3 to a data center are:

Meets all Tier I & II requirements in addition to:

  • Multiple independent distinct distribution paths serving the IT equipment critical loads
  • All IT equipment must be dual¬-powered provided with two redundant, distinct UPS feeders. Single corded IT devices must use a Point of Use Transfer Switch to allow the device to receive power from and select between the two UPS feeders.
  • Each and every critical capacity component, distribution path, and component of any critical system must be able to be fully compatible with the topology of a site’s architecture isolated for planned events (replacement, maintenance, or upgrade) while still providing N capacity to the critical loads.
  • Onsite energy production systems (such as engine generator systems) must not have runtime limitations at the site conditions and design load.

Utilizing Amazon Web Service’s Government Cloud, (AWS GovCloud), BioTrackTHC recently became the first company in the history of the cannabis industry to deploy a live seed-to-sale Traceability System in a FedRAMP authorized environment. This new level of data security, which extends beyond the common 3 tier ranking system, is exclusively reserved for vetted government-affiliated operations. Due to the successful deployment of Hawaii’s live seed-to-sale Traceability System into a FedRAMP authorized environment, BioTrackTHC is now in the unique position to be able to deploy new solutions to the FedRAMP authorized cloud faster than anyone in the industry.

Click here (Seed-To-Sale Software) to learn more about our government traceability solutions!

For current state systems interested in transitioning to the AWS GovCloud, please contact your BioTrackTHC state manager.

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