Commercial BioTrack Software Security

How does BioTrack currently store data?

Some of the features that are offered on BioTrack’s Core system are as follow:

Two-Factor Authentication

In addition to entering a user’s email address, Unified Business Identifier (UBI), and password, users can also implement a one-time use passcode required for a user to login. This feature, which updates every time a user logs in, adds another level of protection for business owner’s and their customers by mitigating the compromise of unwanted access.

Password Encryption

BioTrack employs bcrypt, which is the strongest password encryption type currently available.


By timing sessions for each individual user, BioTrack logs inactivity and cues an automatic logoff after remaining inactive for a certain amount of time, allowing for further protection of private data and eliminating data breaches due to oversights.

SSL Certs

We utilize the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology available to protect the privacy of businesses and customer’s data.

Database Encryptions

Our Database connections are encrypted with standard authentication and the same SSL encryption technology mentioned previously. At no point in the network path will data be unencrypted.

User Permissions

Create granular user permission settings to minimize the opportunity for error and keep a close eye on who has access to what.

Access Logs

Enjoy comprehensive access logs detailing date, time, and user, for every single action performed in your BioTrack system.

Hosting Options

We understand that every business is different and has unique needs, which is why we offer the option for your BioTrack system to utilize either a local server or a cloud server to host your business’ data. Keep a physical, on-site local server, or enjoy the industry-leading security standards of AWS cloud hosting. Not sure if your business is better off with a cloud server or a local server? Click Here.

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